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Who’s Smarter? Bulls & Cows

4.4 ( 4544 ratings )
Spel Utbildning Bräde Pussel
Utvecklare: Serhad Calikoglu

Your free brain teasing multiplayer code breaking game! Challenge yourself and friends!

“Who is Smarter?” is a revival of the classical math puzzle “Bulls & Cows” and "Mastermind". You can have fun playing solo to unravel the secret number of the computer in an easy game with 3 digits or enter into a hard competition with your friends in real time with to uncover your opponents secret number first wih 4,5 or 6 digit secret numbers.
Try to beat your opponent first as he gets closer with each turn to unveil your secret number. Keep your pace against the speeding music and the signs that warn you about your fate.
WSBC game design lets you focus on the puzzle you are dealing with the same ease of the classical paper game. Still you will feel an extra tension as the competition gets more fierce.
The interface has a simple and clean design and skin for you to focus on the numbers, with a numeric keyboard to enter and delete numbers without fuss. You can choose an avatar and a nickname that suits you.
In “Who is Smarter?” there are two game modes that you can enjoy:
. You can train yourself by trying to uncover the number HAL 9500 (your phone) hides from you.
. You can play against anybody using your GameCentre account over the internet and across the globe or play against your close friends over Bluetooth. In this mode, you only have 15 seconds for each turn. If not you are in a danger of lending an extra turn to your opponent. Therefore, you have to use your limited time wisely.